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Spore , a reproductive cell capable of developing into a new individual without fusion with another reproductive cell. Spores thus differ from gametes , which are reproductive cells that must fuse...

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Distinguish between sexual and asexual fungal spores

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Check new design of our homepage! Studying about the characteristics of fungi is quite fascinating. Beginning from the simple structure to the complex mode of reproduction, they represent one of the most diverse species of eukaryotic organisms. Fungi are present in any kind of habitat.

  • Asexual forms (anamorph) were often described separately and given different The differences necessary for successful sexual reproduction of fungi...
  • Covers asexual and sexual reproduction of fungi. and haploid spores. Spores allow fungi to reproduce through...
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  • Some fungi are able to reproduce both sexually and asexually....

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The fungal life cycle of the fungi has two main types of reproduction: Some fungi show only one known reproduction type. Asexual forms anamorph were often described separately and given different names than the sexual form teleomoph. The complete form having both reproductive forms is called a holomorph. Fungi known only as anamorphs were previously grouped into the form-group Deuteromycetes Fungi Imperfecti.

This group is not used anymore, because with molecular phylogenetic techniques the systematic position of a fungus can be determined even if the sexual structures are not known. Meiotic development of haploid nuclei, their fusion, and the emerging diploid nuclei or zygote are the key-steps of sexual reproduction.

A life cycle is considered as haplo-diploid if both phases exist. Generally a phase exists if mitotic cell divisions happen in that nuclear-state. Both Ascomycota and Basidiomycota have a special phase in their life cycle, the dikaryotic phase, when two haploid nuclei are in one hyphal segment. Distinguish between sexual and asexual fungal spores dikaryotic hyphae develop when two monokaryotic cells or hyphae fuse somatogamy or plasmogamy but their nuclei do not.

When a monokaryotic haploid stage is represented by distinct cells that fuse, we term them gametes and the fusion is called gametogamy. The gametes can develop in special structures termed a gametangium.

The differences necessary for successful sexual reproduction of fungi are represented by mating types. Mating types are determined by mating loci MAT loci. The main modes of heterothallism are grouped according to the number of MAT loci. This type is the bipolar heterothallism. In tetrapolar heterothallism two MAT loci with at least two alleles determine the mating type. Smell amidst reproductive and asexual fungal spores.

From the Sexual reproduction involves two parents and the joining of male and female gametes during fertilisation.


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